Book your tandem paragliding flight to Malcesine

Call write directly by Whatsapp! If we are flying, cannot always answer your call ;)

How does it work? Book your flight from the website or by calling the phone number +39 3270822334


Professional pilots
Flight duration from 20 to 40 minutes
Ascent with cable car: INCLUDED
FREE VIDEO of the flight! (including 1 sd card)
Group flights
Insurance included
Windproof jacket / sweater (for the duration of paragliding flight)
Lifejacket (for the duration of paragliding flight)
Helmet (for the duration of the paragliding flight)

The meeting point is at the cable car station in the valley in Malcesine at the external entrance stairs.

The passenger has to dress normally, but sports shoes and sunglasses are necessary to propect your eyes from the wind.

Parents and friends who do not fly can come to the meeting point, but must wait for the landing place which is about 1.5 km or 20 minutes on foot from the cableway departure.

Please provide your mobile phone number and comunicate from wich Town you will arrive at the meeting point, in order to be able to advise you in good time if the weather conditions are not appropriate for the flight.

The weight of the passengers must be greater than 50 kg and less than 100 kg (x women max 75 kg).

People who suffer easily from motion sickness are requested to take the relevant precautions (f. example travel gum), in any case we advise against flying with a full stomach.


The best take-off area is just a few minutes walk from the cable car arrival point. It is a long lawn that has the right inclination and direction towards the Garda, from where it is possible to take off in total safety with just a few steps downhill. From here to the landing point, which is instead at the gates of Malcesine, right at the beach, there are almost two vertica kilometers to enjoy in an enthusiastic flight that can last from 20 to 40 minutes and that usually gives at least half an hour anyway of pure emotion. Thanks to the efficient funicular cable car of Malcesine - one of the most modern and beautiful in Europe - it is also possible to make several flights within a few hours, getting back up shortly after landing.


Paragliding is performed in total safety, thanks to experienced and professional pilots, with state-of-the-art equipment, continuously renewed and maintained.